Celestia Governance Params

These are the parameters for mainnet. Note that not all of these parameters are changeable via governance. This list also includes parameter that require a hardfork to change due to being manually hardcoded in the application or they are blocked by the x/paramfilter module.


Global parameters

ParameterDefaultSummaryChangeable via Governance
MaxBlockSizeBytes100MiBHardcoded value in CometBFT for the protobuf encoded block.False
MaxSquareSize128Hardcoded maximum square size determined per shares per row or column for the original data square (not yet extended).False

Module parameters

Module.ParameterDefaultSummaryChangeable via Governance
auth.MaxMemoCharacters256Largest allowed size for a memo in bytes.True
auth.SigVerifyCostED25519590Gas used to verify Ed25519 signature.True
auth.SigVerifyCostSecp256k11000Gas used to verify secp256k1 signature.True
auth.TxSigLimit7Max number of signatures allowed in a multisig transaction.True
auth.TxSizeCostPerByte10Gas used per transaction byte.True
bank.SendEnabledtrueAllow transfers.False
blob.GasPerBlobByte8Gas used per blob byte.True
blob.GovMaxSquareSize64Governance parameter for the maximum square size determined per shares per row or column for the original data square (not yet extended)s. If larger than MaxSquareSize, MaxSquareSize is used.True
blobstream.DataCommitmentWindow400Number of blocks that are included in a signed batch (DataCommitment).True
consensus.block.MaxBytes1974272 bytes (~1.88 MiB)Governance parameter for the maximum size of the protobuf encoded block.True
consensus.block.MaxGas-1Maximum gas allowed per block (-1 is infinite).True
consensus.block.TimeIotaMs1000Minimum time added to the time in the header each block.False
consensus.evidence.MaxAgeDuration1814400000000000 (21 days)The maximum age of evidence before it is considered invalid in nanoseconds. This value should be identical to the unbonding period.True
consensus.evidence.MaxAgeNumBlocks120960The maximum number of blocks before evidence is considered invalid. This value will stop CometBFT from pruning block data.True
consensus.evidence.MaxBytes1MiBMaximum size in bytes used by evidence in a given block.True
consensus.validator.PubKeyTypesEd25519The type of public key used by validators.False
consensus.Version.AppVersion1Determines protocol rules used for a given height. Incremented by the application upon an upgrade.True
distribution.BaseProposerReward0Reward in the mint denomination for proposing a block.True
distribution.BonusProposerReward0Extra reward in the mint denomination for proposers based on the voting power included in the commit.True
distribution.CommunityTax0.02 (2%)Percentage of the inflation sent to the community pool.True
distribution.WithdrawAddrEnabledtrueEnables delegators to withdraw funds to a different address.True
gov.DepositParams.MaxDepositPeriod604800000000000 (1 week)Maximum period for token holders to deposit on a proposal in nanoseconds.True
gov.DepositParams.MinDeposit10_000_000_000 utia (10,000 TIA)Minimum deposit for a proposal to enter voting period.True
gov.TallyParams.Quorum0.334 (33.4%)Minimum percentage of total stake needed to vote for a result to be considered valid.True
gov.TallyParams.Threshold0.50 (50%)Minimum proportion of Yes votes for proposal to pass.True
gov.TallyParams.VetoThreshold0.334 (33.4%)Minimum value of Veto votes to Total votes ratio for proposal to be vetoed.True
gov.VotingParams.VotingPeriod604800000000000 (1 week)Duration of the voting period in nanoseconds.True
ibc.ClientGenesis.AllowedClients[]string{"06-solomachine", "07-tendermint"}List of allowed IBC light clients.True
ibc.ConnectionGenesis.MaxExpectedTimePerBlock7500000000000 (75 seconds)Maximum expected time per block in nanoseconds under normal operation.True
ibc.Transfer.ReceiveEnabledtrueEnable receiving tokens via IBC.True
ibc.Transfer.SendEnabledtrueEnable sending tokens via IBC.True
minfee.GlobalMinGasPrice0.000001 utiaAll transactions must have a gas price greater than or equal to this value.True
mint.BondDenomutiaDenomination that is inflated and sent to the distribution module account.False
mint.DisinflationRate0.10 (10%)The rate at which the inflation rate decreases each year.False
mint.InitialInflationRate0.08 (8%)The inflation rate the network starts at.False
mint.TargetInflationRate0.015 (1.5%)The inflation rate that the network aims to stabilize at.False
slashing.DowntimeJailDuration1 minDuration of time a validator must stay jailed.True
slashing.MinSignedPerWindow0.75 (75%)The percentage of SignedBlocksWindow that must be signed not to get jailed.True
slashing.SignedBlocksWindow5000The range of blocks used to count for downtime.True
slashing.SlashFractionDoubleSign0.02 (2%)Percentage slashed after a validator is jailed for double signing.True
slashing.SlashFractionDowntime0.00 (0%)Percentage slashed after a validator is jailed for downtime.True
staking.BondDenomutiaBondable coin denomination.False
staking.HistoricalEntries10000Number of historical entries to persist in store.True
staking.MaxEntries7Maximum number of entries in the redelegation queue.True
staking.MaxValidators100Maximum number of validators.True
staking.MinCommissionRate0.05 (5%)Minimum commission rate used by all validators.True
staking.UnbondingTime1814400 (21 days)Duration of time for unbonding in seconds.False

Note: none of the mint module parameters are governance modifiable because they have been converted into hardcoded constants. See the x/mint README.md for more details.